Birdsong Location and cannot find Rooster NPC for "The Other Egg Quest" and Lost Lands Location?

I am finishing up some Quests and I am near the end, just need to finish a few more quests. I found the Lost Lands before and completed the 2 quests related to them but I seem to have forgotten how you enter that Dungeon. Any help would be appreciated. :)


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    You get to the Lost Lands from a hole in a brown brick wall in the south of Jamjehli Village. Do you still need help with the other egg and birdsong location?

  • Hi, Cat. I just can't find the Rooster that starts the Quest. For the Birdsong, I bought it from Phredd. But I'd like to know how to legitimately how to get it. Also, Phredd also sells a Metal Detector, what is the point of that? Thanks, Cat. :)

  • With metal detector you will find at least 3 valuable gears in Fire Jinns Home...

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    Gotcha. I only have 1 quest left so I'll look into that. Thanks Aeon. Also, I found the Rooster. Only have the Metal Golems quest and then expansion is complete!

  • You can legitimately get the Birdsong Lullaby from the Minstrel in Forest of Birds.

  • I have the Birdsong Lullaby, but Fireless Flame won't come with me. I think I also need a Birdsong Flute (or something like that). For some reason, I vaguely remember one of the NPC's mentioning a flute. I could also buy Fireless Flame from Phredd, but I'd rather do it legitimately, if I can.

  • No. You need Persuasion greater than or equal to 125.

  • I have an enchanted ring that gives me 200 Persuasion, and all I get is the dialogue "I will sing you a song. Tra la, tra la (as so on)" Fireless Flame does not have a name box like all other NPCs. Could it be a glitch?

  • It doesn't have a name box because the dialogue is done through script. Do you have the quest to save Princess Noor?

  • Yes. I only have two quests left from the full list (Princess Noor, Other Egg), and they’re both active.
  • It could be a glitch because it should work. Try sleeping in an inn in another area for 7 days and 7 nights to reset the game. That will respawn all the monsters you killed though. Try upping your Persuasion first by training to get it up to 100. I'm not sure enchanted items always give you enough of a boost for quests.

  • I had unused skill points, so I raised my Persuasion over 125. That didn't work. I slept in an inn for over 7 days. That didn't work. So I bought Fireless Flame from Phredd. I was able to complete the final quest and the game. Thank you so much for another enjoyable expansion.

  • Sometimes Phredd is a life saver. : ) Congratulations on getting through and you're welcome.

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