Birdsong Location and cannot find Rooster NPC for "The Other Egg Quest" and Lost Lands Location?

I am finishing up some Quests and I am near the end, just need to finish a few more quests. I found the Lost Lands before and completed the 2 quests related to them but I seem to have forgotten how you enter that Dungeon. Any help would be appreciated. :)


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    You get to the Lost Lands from a hole in a brown brick wall in the south of Jamjehli Village. Do you still need help with the other egg and birdsong location?

  • Hi, Cat. I just can't find the Rooster that starts the Quest. For the Birdsong, I bought it from Phredd. But I'd like to know how to legitimately how to get it. Also, Phredd also sells a Metal Detector, what is the point of that? Thanks, Cat. :)

  • With metal detector you will find at least 3 valuable gears in Fire Jinns Home...

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    Gotcha. I only have 1 quest left so I'll look into that. Thanks Aeon. Also, I found the Rooster. Only have the Metal Golems quest and then expansion is complete!

  • You can legitimately get the Birdsong Lullaby from the Minstrel in Forest of Birds.

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