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This is Escape from Asteroids from the Classic version ported to the HD version of the Quest. File has been uploaded to Steam hidden and sent to Elendil. When the Ios and Android versions are approved, I'll make the file available in Steam. Here is the surface map.


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    Here is the map.


  • Here is a map and quest list combined compiled by our betatester Honx.

  • Here is the quest list by itself.

  • Great - I'm all ready!

  • Any update on when this will be available for iOS?
  • I've reminded Elendil. He appears to be very busy right now and I don't want to pressure him further. Please just wait patiently. I could release it on Steam but generally all the platforms are released at the same time. So waiting on Ios and Google. Elendil has to do that upload.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to it.

  • Just waiting for Apple and Google approval now.

  • Asteroids has been released - Thank you Catacomber for your work on this and every expansion.
    Now to go and play.
  • Yes, it's out! Thank you for your patience.

  • Thank you so much! Will give it a try in a few days.

  • Hurray!!!! Thank you :-)
  • What is the recommended starting level for Asteroids 1? The description in the ios app store says level 4, but the description for Escape from Asteroids (classic version of same expansion) says level 40.

  • Level 4 is about right. Elendil suggested that new series start at a low level and generally warned me against making too high level expansions.

  • Rather than start a new character, what I am doing is playing my regular character but with only one piece of armour and a low-level weapon (I am currently wearing only the Haematite Helm and wielding the Switch Blade sword) and not using any spells other Enchant, Mark, Recall, Detect Mind, and Cure Light Wounds along with any scrolls/wands I find laying around (such as Laughing Gas ar level 0). This seems to be working out rather well. While the mobs in the Haematite Mines were weak, the ones I have run into since leaving the Containment Center are stronger (I think the strongest that I have fought so far is level 16 or 17).

    If anyone is curious as to what my characters' current stats are, I have attached a screen shot of them:

    My Skills are all fairly high so even by restricting myself Asteroids I will probably not be as challenging for me as it would be for someone just starting out or playing stand-alone.

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