Hobbes' Hole entrance?

I've found the teleporter to Hobbes' Hole in the Whispering Maze, but it's inactive. How do I activate it?


  • You have to find the Lord of the Gallows. Old Kon says, "Would you like a share of treasure? I'm crippled and cannot get about. If you help me, we'll both prosper. I'm a retired thief. I was partners with the best of all thieves. He was the lord of our kind. Together we managed to amass a chest full of stolen gold. Tragically, he got caught breaking into the Sheriff's.

    He paid for that crime with his life. He hangs outside the village now as a lesson to us all. He took the secret of where he stashed our treasure to the gallows with him. But there is a way to talk to hanged men. Even the great Thor has this gift but it is not generally known it can be done. Will you learn how and help me?"

    You're looking for that treasure in Hobbes' Hole.

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