Unable to get quests from Mr. Tainnik

Hi Cat,

I accidentally missed Mr. Tainnik's hut in the beginning, then played for some time, and now, when I found him, there are no available discussion topics, only Training. Thus I cannot get quests from him. Is this a bug? When I met him for the first time, I had already found Agent Kolobok.

I bought credentials from the Dark Monastery and thus was able to access the Floating University. But now I see the hole on Pogan Island and cannot enter it, the solutions provided at http://catacomber.com/discussion/308/kozneys-lair did not help.

It's wonderful to play HoL again, after so many years : )


  • Hi, igorbuz, it's good to see you again. It's been a long time. : ) To enter the hole on Pogan Island, you need three quests: For Mr. Tainnik, Hibarki Village, talk to the wizards on the Floating University. That boat is docked in Hibarki Village. Find out anything the wizards may know about the attack on their ship and the disappearance of Princess Vasilisa. Find the Princess and bring her to Mr. Tainnik for safety. It's believed she was whisked away by Kozney and his minions during the attack.

    For Fershid, Floating University, find Kozney's Lair. His spies tell him the entrance is somewhere on Pogan Island.

    For Old Shaman, Floating University, find a chest that holds part of Kozney's life force. It lies beneath a bush below Pogan Island in Kozney's Lair. See Fershid in the Floating University for help in finding Kozney's Lair.

    Your problem, may be that you can't get that quest from Mr. Tainnik.

    And that's probably because you found Agent Kolobok before talking to him.

    I can do an update to let you talk to him if you already found Agent Kolobok. I think that will work. It isn't the intended sequence of things but it should work.

  • Yep, the only missing quest is the one from Mr. Tainnik. Thanks a lot, I would appreciate an update : )

  • Already sent to Elendil.

  • Thanks again! I confirm that the update solved my problem.

  • That's great!

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