Kozneys lair

I have been all over pogan island,dram castle, etc and am unable to locate the access point to his lair. There is one pirate in the middle of the island I cannot seem to gain access to. Any suggestions?


  • There is a hole in the ground in the southwest. You won't see it until you've visited a heroic, dead lady and given her something she wants. Pirate in the bushes has nothing to do with getting to Kozney's lair.

  • Is it the same as the ‘maniacal mirror room’ or is it a separate place on Pogan Island?
  • The hole in the ground in pogan island leads to the maniacal room, which in turn leads to kozneys lair

  • Yeah, I can’t seem to find my way to Kozney’s Lair in there at all. Feels like I’ve been round all the walls tapping them. Must be missing something.
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    when you enter the maniacal mirror room, in the top right, there is a big open room, with 1 mirror to begin with I belive, there are 4 more mirrors and 2 shelves which are activated when you step on certain bits of the floor, you need to go through all 4 mirrors to find the section that lets you into kozneys lair.

    check this thread

  • In some thread here, I mentioned which mirror leads you to where you need to be. Have you used the mirrors?

  • Thanks all. In fact I had totally missed that there was more than one mirror in that first room. You need to stand on different bits of floor to see them right? Ingenious! Thanks again all for your help.
  • I have explored Pogan Island, Dram Castle, including tower and garden, did quests for Captain Taskin and Motveyev but cannot enter Kosney’s Lair. There is a hole on west side of island, but when I access that square, I simply walk over the hole as if it’s not there. Cannot enter the hole. Any clues?

  • Solved it! I went back to see Old Shamen, thereby completing the “Find Alice” quest, received the “Kosney’s Death” quest, and can now enter the hole.

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