Heavy armor vs light armor

Is there a heavy armor cape, cloak, etc. I have traveled the known lands as far as android allows and have not found such item. I would like to have a heavy armor or light armor only otherwise you have to enchant for both to maximize armor. The other concern is I haven't found superior (2500) light armor to enchant a suit worthy as you can with heavy armor. If this makes sense any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • There is no possibility of including a heavy armor cape. It's not a choice in the editor. I can put a light armor with 3000 enchant in Caerworn Castle if you are playing the HD version.

  • edited September 2018

    Caerworn: Alderman Hugh's Vest which you get for doing a quest now has 3000 enchant.
    Ratskin Vest which you can pick up in early part of Caerworn now has 2600 enchant.

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