Bring News

Don't know how to proceed. Genaral Belomar doesn't provide information. Hints suggestions how to proceed?


  • This quest is given by the Tzarina: For Tzarina Snezhana in the Hospital, Fortress of Zlatograd, bring her news of her son, daughter and daughter-in-law and some sign they're still alive.

    Are you sure you mean Bring News?

  • Yes. I visited Tarzina early on got her quest bring news, talk to general bellmore for direction. I already delivered supplies could not directions from general bellmore. I completed pretty much everything else and still couldn't get directions. Where do I find tarzinas family
  • The Tzarina tells you to talk to General Belomor to find the way out of the city. No one really knows anything else. So you have to leave Zlatograd and explore.

    She's relying on you to find out what happened to Prince Ivan, Princess Zabava and Princess Vasilisa. That means you need to find each of them. You need to bring her a Pigeonmail letter from Vasilisa and Ivan's ring. You probably have much more of the game to do before you can accomplish this. You probably won't find Ivan until the end.

  • Thank you.
  • Hi Cat. I’m done with HOL 1 except for this quest. I’ve played this numerous times and can’t for the life of me remember how to finish the quest. Been through all the dungeon, talked to everyone, and have explored the entire island. Any hints would be appreciated.

  • You need a pigeon mail letter from Vasilisa and Ivan's Ring.

  • Gyffes' Law Forgot about that darn cookie. Thanks Cat

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