Lost Crown

Any hints on how to access the crown? I’ve hit and tapped every wall in Maeve’s castle and outside and I’ve talked to everyone with my persuasion kit on.


  • You just have to read the sign there. This is the hint you need.
  • Awesome. And now I’m done the game until the next port is released. Thank you.

  • Two days, staring at “ach, ach, ach.”, and I still don’t get it. This is killing me.

  • You need the spell Unlock. : )

  • I'm in Rath Croghan, and have the quest Lost Crown. In the room to the East I get a message that I see something gleaming in one of the pillars, but however much I tap or hit the four pillars, nothing happens (I imagined I'd find the crown). Am I missing something, or looking in the wrong place?

  • There's a gold pillar that has a ring there if you have the quest King Connor's Ring.

    But the crown is on a shelf in Rath Croghan behind a gate in the mid west where you need to cast the spell Unlock.

  • Ah! Yes, I’d completed the Ring quest a while ago. Thanks for the pointer to the crown.

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