Switch won't bling bongs only. WALL won't dissappear. Cannot find Brixxa


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    That's not the right switch. The right switch is to the south of where the Dark Druid's door is in the east. Go to his door and then walk south to find the right switch. It's between the two reliefs that are across from each other.

    Who is Brixxa?

  • Stabilize Merlins Retreat. Kill the two dragons Brixxa and Stratta

  • Both Britta and Saxa are in Merlin's Retreat, not Merlin's Tower. Have you gotten there? You get there from the Shroud Islands. Once inside, go down the stairs and enter from the mirror.

  • There is no mirror wizard enclave. Shroud Island where. Aaaaaagh lost luv it

  • Hahaha found the retreat east I think of lugs teleport.

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