Potential Bug

I've reloaded earlier saves to attempt a fix and based on what I've read in others' posts it appears the Brown Bull is stuck in a wall in the Bull Arena.

The White Bull spawns fine, but after defeating him the Brown Bull is nowhere to be found.

I do, however, enter combat in the Northeastern corner of the room a few places east of Imperium's shelf. If I stay up against the wall I am attacked by a spell (presumably the Brown Bull's ranged spell attack).

Will keep trying reloads until I can find a fix.

Can confirm that the dialogue with Maeve appears to be working and that I did successfully teleport both bulls.

No dialogue progression found with the King in Emain Macha.

Will update if something changes!


  • While I was able to reproduce the bug several times through various saves, I also did find a workaround.

    I marked at the door _before_ Maeve's dialogue and rested at an inn for 7-8 days in an attempt to reset the Bulls' spawn locations and after recalling, going through Maeve's dialogue, and entering the arena both Bulls were there!

    King's dialogue worked and quest finished :D
  • Also would like to confirm that the Brown Bull was indeed stuck in the wall. I could hear the attack sound identical to the White Bull's while I was being attacked through the wall.
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    This is a known Quest engine bug that monsters can get stuck in the walls sometimes. Elendil knows about it but it's very elusive and basically, we have to live with it. I'm glad you found a workaround.

  • Okay, duly noted! Thanks for the info!
  • It's very annoying but it happens. Nothing I can do.

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