The Quest list

The Quest list --


  • Yesss...65 piecess..:-)

  • Maybe I missed it, but it appears that the "Kill the Pirates" quest for the Mistress of Winds in the Forest of Birds is missing from the list document.

  • Fixed. : ) Thanks.

  • Hello Cat. First of all thank you for this fantastic expansion, which I' ve enjoyed very much! Now finished all 65 quests, however my end station in Home of Fire Jinns signals me, that I' m probably missing one more quest...looking into map, some areas in there looks to be still unexplored (while I do not see any hidden walls or buttons) and also found with metal detector Fiery Saber (which is yellow and probably means to belong someone/ somewhere). What am I missing please?

  • The items you can find with the metal detector were originally needed to open a gate, that's why they're yellow. It was too hard though for some of the betatesters so I gave up on it but left the items there to be found.

    I can't tell what you're missing without a pic or description. Can you put up a pic of areas that look as though they could be explored or give me a lot of details about where they are?

  • I think you've opened all the areas.

    Here is the lower part which coincides with your map.

  • And here is the upper part that doesn't show in your map.

  • Thank you Cat. Now I'm done and looking forward to HOL V...

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