Maul in Strah mountains

I think I lost the maul os hammer found in strah mountains. Is there a place to buy or find another? Thanks!!


  • It lies on the ground - if you sleep 21 sleeps, it should respawn. Let me know.

  • No luck with sleeping but thanks anyway.

  • Which maul did you lose? The Mountain Hammer or the maul? I could always give it to Phredd to sell.

  • Oh no! I lost (well sold) the Maul accidentally. Can I buy it back from somewhere?

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    It lies on the ground. If you sleep 21 sleeps at an inn, it should respawn--7 days and 7 nights. If you go back to look for it, make sure you look in the right place. : )

    All items on the ground respawn after 7 complete day/night cycles but this will also respawn many of the monsters you killed.

  • This is where the hammer is.

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