Missing a few items for kill the basilisk quest

Hi there - thanks for another wonderful expansion!
I seem to be missing a few items listed in the kill the basilisk and scoured the world without luck. I would be happy for an assist.
I'm missing the Hide scroll and the Snake Charmer's Flute (looked in all snake dens without luck)
Thanks in advance.


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    You can buy the snake charmers flute from Soham the Sorcerer, he's outside Queen Kidul's Fortress.

  • Yes, thank you. I found that mentioned in another post as well. Still no luck with the Hide scroll.
  • The Hide Scroll is something the Barefoot Monk casts on the Chalice through the dialogue. It's not something you need to have in your inventory. When you give him the chalice and the Shiny Up Spell, he does that.

    "I hope you can use this chalice to kill the Basilisk and bring us peace. (He takes the scroll and says some sacred words while he holds his prayer beads and the chalice is suddenly extremely bright.) Now I'll cast a spell of Hidden Being on it. You'll need to hide the chalice when you confront the Basilisk. When you're ready to destroy him, tap it with this Reveal scroll. (You feel the heft of the cup even though you can't see it.)"

    I could have made that clearer.

  • So problem solved - yes the text was somewhat inconclusive. Thank you!.

  • That's a very fine avatar.

  • Indeed a classic 👍
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