High Flying Genies Door is now Locked and other Bugs?

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Hi, Cat. Just wanted to let you know ever since the IPod Touch I've bought all of the Quest Expansions. Main reason I am staying on the IPhone. I also own all the expansions on Steam, however I don't play much on it since using keyboard is kind of clunky vs touch. Easier adaptability to a controller would be great. :)

With that aside, I killed one of the Royal Guards and it dropped the Quest Item (Palm Leaf Writings) and I handed it over to the Quest Giver and now the High Flying Genies Door is now locked. I already have the both keys from the torches in the area. I previously completed the Spy Quest in a previous File Save.

The main reason I also made a new File is in Celtic Queen, I accidentally sold or missed Rusha's Jewelry, and when I redid the Quest, the item is colored blue instead of Gold to indicate that it is sellable rather than a Quest Item.

I'm trying to Min-Max my character, but is there any way to go about this or is this like the Monster Wall bug that we have to live with?

Thanks Cat.


  • Hi, thank you for supporting us. We have to test on Steam, clunky keyboard or not, so I understand why you like the controller. However, the controller is something I have no control over as Elendil programmed the engine. If you want to influence them to add something in the Quest 2, you should write elendil@redshift.hu. They're busy with that and I don't think they have intentions of changing the Quest engine.

    Unfortunately, because so many people drop, lose or otherwise somehow mislay things, I've had to make some quest items sellable. That also means they can be dropped by some monsters. But that quest has nothing to do with the door being locked.

    The High Flying Genie's door is locked if you don't have the Ancestor's Skull in your inventory.

    The skull can be found by tapping the blue-horned skull relief in the Mideast--that area opens if you explore a certain Banana Fern in the hallway.

  • I just saw the button near the fern. Forgot about that in this playthrough. My mistake. Any expansions you guys release either classic/HD or Quest 2 I'll be excited for. :)

  • Thank you! : )

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