Good Fortune Diamond

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How do I get the good fortune diamond? I have completed the diamond revealing quest and I’m stuck with this one now. Thanks in advance.


  • Take the teleporter in the east in the main room to a room where, if you step on a crack with the Diamond Revealing Scroll in your backpack, you'll remove a wall and find it.

  • How can I get another scroll. I might have sold it. Lol.
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    You can buy it from the Magister of Magic but you might have to camp out outside his door for a bit as the frequency of its appearance there is 5 as opposed to 10. He's in Cymbria Village.

  • Thanks a lot. Could finally move on to HOL III. :)
  • Having trouble finding the teleporter. What part of the Celtic Queen world map is it in? Thanks again.
  • It's in the Mideast of the Shrine of the Triple Goddess.

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