Princess Cmonez

Have killed Bethlusaa and found the princess, but not sure how to get her to come with me. Any help would be appreciated!!


  • If you talk to here a second time, she should go with you. Nothing special needed.

  • Ok, that didn’t work. Went back to an old save game and replayed (saved game was several game days earlier)Didn’t work either. She just repeats the same 2 messages. “Get away from me hideous beast. My lord’s slaves will kill you. This is my new home and soon I will have my rightful husband.” When I Talk to her again, she says “What are you doing here creature. Didn’t I say begone?” The dialogue when I tap on her says “Silence.” Lord Yuz tells me “Now that you’ve killed the dragon, go back and free the princess.” I’ve talked to her before I killed the dragon, and then Replayed to talk to her after I killed the dragon. Can’t figure it out.

  • What she says the second time is, "What are you doing, creature? Oh, I feel so different. What are we doing here. I was supposed to be going to my new husband, Lord Yuz. Take me to the castle this instant."

    And you both go back to the castle.

    I think you have a glitch of some kind.

  • Thanks Cat for your help again. That’s what I figured.

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