Aldernon axe sold and gone


damn!!! I must have sold Aldernons Axe. Searched the whole map: no axe. Last save with axe so far behind :( is there a way to get it back?


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    Cat, any chance for me?
  • Ookayyy got the axe.
    I only have the moon dagger, sold the other stuff. Where can I buy the 2 other items?
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  • You can buy the New Moon Dagger from Civilstriker if you camp outside his shop until it turns up in his inventory. What else are you missing?

  • Tx, I have the moon dagger. The rest of the moon stuff is missing, where can I buy it?
  • Oh, and please name the city, I totally do not know where the weapon shops are.. thank you very much for your help!
    Hol 5 is one of the best if not the best addition.
  • Got it, thanks :)
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