Stuck at skull, runes and Monarish lessons quests

1) Find the skull, broke the skull after taking 2 steps after finding it, it says that someone can repair it but throughout the entire playthrough could not find anyone /:

2) Find the evil runes, helped the cow with tummy ache by casting calm, detect mind and using drain mana, it worked, but I have no idea how to destroy the polluted green hays, tried many spells but nothing worked

3) Give lessons it says that I am supposed to give Monarish lessons to the River Sprite who is on an island in the Umbilical river for DetlevH who is in the Inn of the Dancing Farmer, Meadow of the Sun.Searched everywhere but could not find this river, have absolutely no idea where it is

4) Optional question and unimportant, there is a locked place in King's way that says that I need the right key for it, but no idea where to get that key, but yeah, hehe, in order to finish the expansion entirely I need to hand in these 3 quests but no idea how to finish them /:


  • You need Galinda the Sorceress for the bones. Take a look around and if you still are lost, let me know.
    For the evil runes, try Fire Bow and Fire Arrows.
    Umbilical River is in the World Navel.
    You need a Little Key to open that gate. Perhaps you need mice to get that key? You might need to train them to explore a little hole in the window there.

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