SPOILERS, SPOILERS What happened to Kozney and Silvergirl? SPOILERS, SPOILERS

Hero of Lukomorye has an incredible and fun and very interesting plot that honestly made me feel very interested in the characters, the story, made me feel like I'm living through the epic story and the long war that does not want to end at all with new obstacles and vile enemies appearing out of nowhere

But this part I could not understand at all, he and Silvergirl had a child, I assume, but in HOLV she appears as a spirit, did they both die?Where is their child?Does he come back in HOLV - i have not gotten to that part yet :smile:

Oh and based on "honeymoon on Buyan", our main character marries princess/prince of Lukomorye, I'm assuming?

Really interested in all of this since it's probably my most favorite expansion series :smiley:


  • The story is based on old Russian fairytales rewoven by Dr. Vlad. : ) Kozney the Deathless is of course deathless and Silvergirl is a spirit. Their child now, I cannot answer. It may be left to the imagination. : ) Yes, based on Honeymoon in Buyan, a marriage could happen.

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