Yishkatoli Greenhouse

I have spent a great amount of time in this greenhouse looking for devils fungus. I’m getting nowhere and seem to be going in circles. Any advice?


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    Tap this wall---far mid south where the small red half circle indicates.

  • Thanks, I love visual aids!

  • The tricky part is finding the correct teleporter to take you to this wall. It’s near NE corner of the greenhouse - 6th square from N wall, 4th square from E wall.

  • Where do I find the greenhouse? I've looked all over the Redshift University grounds? Still can't find an entrance. Thanks again.
  • Talk to Old Shaman in Redshift University then talk to MuldrzSis there about Healing. She can send you there.

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    Thanks again Cat. I thought I had to find the green house first.
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