What Might I Have Forgotten?

I am in the early part of the Submarine where I have found some stairs that I want to take, but when I approach them I get the message "You forgot something." (See screenshots below.) Given that I have yet to find the keys for the private room, Lower Deck - Left, Lower Deck - Right, and the Cockpit, the stairs would seem to be the obvious place to go. Hence the question posed in the discussion title. (It is possible that I need something that I failed to pick up because it required Evil alignment.)



  • Nothing to do with evil alignment. The answer involves a well. Is it off? Perhaps it should be on?

  • Whingeing about leaving the taps running, fer cryin' out loud! :s Nobody likes a nag, Cat. :)

    On a related note, why is retrieving the key in that room a crime?

  • Kozney the Deathless (Argimon who constructed that dungeon) decided that it should be. : ) Not me. He is not always very nice, is he?

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