How to kill certain creatures in Bulls Arena

As soon as you enter Bulls Arena. There are creatures that appear to be immune to attacks. How do you kill them?
I have the Sword of Retribution and only have 3 quests remaining until I complete the game.


  • Do you mean the Bull's Eyes? Which monsters? Did you try paralyze or ranged weapons?

  • In Arena of Fire, there’s a Bat out of Hell that I can’t kill (whereas the other bats and creatures, I could kill OK).
    In the Arena of Ice, there’s the Snowball past the door straight in front as soon as you enter arena. Again, all other creatures, I can kill OK
  • You need the Heart of Fire to kill the bat. You can get that in the ice arena. To kill the Snowball, you need the Heart of Ice you can get in the fire arena.

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