Exorcize the water ghoul bug

If you do not talk to Chin before you exorcise the water ghoul from Shun with the Jewel of Ebb and Jewel of Flood, the quest will hang up. Chin will just tell you how famous you are rather than thanking you for the help and giving you a bunch of gems. And without Chin's approval, the main quest from Mikey can never be finished and without Mikey's rose, the Brew a potion quest cannot be finished. Further with these two open quests, you'll never be able to join the Guild.

Luckily, I was able to go back to a very recent save and do everything in the correct order.

Also there's a minor typo in the Spellbook of Marked Man (picture attached).


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    Mikey does tell you to talk to Chin first but I can see how a player could go wrong. I'll do an update. Thanks.

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