How do you get to "Smuggler's Island" ?

I can't find a hole in Odettia or anyone called Leonid ? Thanks


  • you need to speak to theodoric, bottom right of odettia
  • Cheers, will try that !

  • Sadly the tragic death of the villain holding the key to the smugglers warehouse took place on a hole/tunnel and the key cannot be taken going up, down or beside. Can it be bought anywhere? Does it matter much?

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    Try an earlier save file? But it does not matter much.

  • Thanks. I seldom save and it was a first stop in the game so I will give it a miss. Thanks. These games which I am replaying, are keeping me going through this difficult time of social distancing. Great entertainment!

  • I'm glad you're enjoying them. It helps me too to port and make them in this time of social distancing. : )

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