Zoo Keeper Problem

When I talk to the Zoo Keeper about the treasure agreement from Sita, the Zoo Keeper says that I am not very persuasive. My Persuasion is at 178 thanks to the High Negotiation ability (+20). Also my Personality is at 197 thanks to the Seashell Amulet (+20) and the Conch Shell Ring (+20). Do I need something else? Or do I need to gain a level and put all of the Skill points into Persuasion?



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    You need Persuasion of at least 200. You also need of course the agreement and the fabulous jewels.

  • I have the agreement and jewels, so it looks like I will have to exchange Karma Points for experience and do some grinding to raise my level so I can put the Skill points into Persuasion. (Unless there is something that I can equip or imbibe to temporarily/permanently raise my Persuasion.)

  • Lord of Winds' Armor is very enchantable. You could try that. Cowbell Necklace increases Persuasion 50%. Blessed Ring increases Persuasion 50%.

  • I ended up purchasing a Blessed Ring from the jewel shop in Kadapul City. I later discovered two items in my inventory that also would have worked: Serpents Crown (+50 Persuasion) and Liz's Kashmir Cloak (+25 Persuasion).

    Thanks for the help.

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