Star's Light

Looking for the Stars light Sword, too like I read in other threads.
I don't even know if I already picked it up and sold it.
Is it the place within the mountains on the north (a spot with walls north west an east) with a blue pentagram marking on the floor like in many other places in the game?

Besides that... everytime I recall around in other expansions I do a quick inbetween-recall to Hawk Forgesuns shop but no luck until now :(

Is it really called "Stars light Sword" or I am looking for the wrong item?


  • It's called the Star Bright Blade. If you're having trouble both Hawk Ferguson and Sorin Graybeard sell it but it shows up rarely so you'd have to camp out at their shops.

    Here is where and how you would normally get it.

    Do you mean you're having trouble recalling to Hawk Ferguson? If you have those expansions enabled, you should be able to.

  • No, no problem recalling to Hawk.
    But instead of camping at the shop: When I need to recall somewhere else, I do an additional quick recall to him & check the shop. Just for saving time.

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