Sister Inira

Where is Convent of St. Aradia please?


  • Three Sisters' Harbor in the northeast.

  • Thank you very much Cat! One last quest from this awesome expansion is Cure your illness, which is tough one...and I will be done. Thank you for your hard work, support and hope that you and all you relatives/ friends are/ will be safe safe.

  • I wish you the same Aeon. We are in NYC and it is now a different world from the world we knew. So many of the little stores in the neighborhood are temporarily closed or have closed. The food shops have long lines outside and much higher prices than usual but perhaps they need to do that to give their staff hazard pay. They would deserve it. We used to have wonderful vegetable/fruit stands on so many corners and they are not allowed back right now. I hear the sirens going more than usual. But at 7pm every night we have the clap out for the hospital workers and everyone else who is braving contact with people and helping us all survive. We have morgue trucks outside the hospitals. Central Park has makeshift but actually very impressive hospitals set up there to give more hospital beds. There are stories of sacrifice and warmth even in the middle of all this upset.

    I spend a little time in the virtual world of the Quest each day where life is still familiar. I hope our games give you all some distraction if not comfort.

    Thank you for all your support. You are all treasured in my heart. Stay safe.

  • Yes Cat, saddest days of our age seems to arrived unexpectedly and some things unfortunately won't be the same anymore...I saw many scenes of current NY from TV (visited this awesome town 3 times in the past) and it is very sad. Here in Prague, in the middle of the Europe things are also totally different, we are all in quarantine for already 1 month (which was good decision and saved many lives), but situation is much more calmer, although dozens of people has passed away...wish I will return to that town again when all this will be gone. Please stay safe, your games helps me to forget and takes me into somehow better, fairytale worlds. That is wonderfull. Take good care...!

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