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Ha, been playing HOL1 all day and realized this was leftover from Rift. I found the magical flower in Lydney Park, can't find the other 2.


  • There are two in the park and one in the Rat Tunnels. One in the park is in the south west inside the walls and one in the park is in the lower southeast outside the park.

  • K, still having issues with the rat tunnels. Is there a breakable wall I'm missing? Sure hope I didn't find it and drop it somewhere :s

  • It's on the ground as you enter the Rat Tunnels from the Lydney Park drain. If you dropped it, just sleep in an inn for seven days and seven nights. It will respawn. :)

    Here's the location of the flower.

  • Wow, didnt even know Lydney Park had rat tunnels, was only in the ones from Brugh. Ty!

  • I can’t find the third one outside the park for the life of me! :( got the one in tunnel after walking over it a hundred times and the one behind the removable bush

  • It's a dark red flower and it's outside Lydney Park, growing in the far southwest.

  • Can’t find it. I keep looking. Is it near the Druid priest?

  • Is it in a corner alcove of a wall? There’s a stalk there which leads me to think i ve picked it and dropped like a muppet :)

  • Just checked inventory and I have 3 flowers... I need to stop playing when I’m half asleep... it’s 3am here

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