Stuck “Inside”

If I refuse to side with Acquilina, I get stuck inside a prison cell from which there seems to be escape.

I’ve walked up and done to pass over an hour of time. I’ve tapped and hit all the walls. I’ve taken everything off the shelf. I’ve tried Burning Hand and Unlock. Teleport magic is denied.

The only thing that got me out was doing a reload.

What did I miss?


  • Hit a red wall there in the northeast and you'll find a drain. : )

  • There's no red wall?

    Screenshot of where I am:

  • Here's the redwall. That gate you're at requires high lockpick.

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    Gotcha. I reloaded, enchanted something and got my lockpick level above 200.

    But where does that leave other players - how are they going to know they're effectively stuck in there and will have to revert to a save game if their lockpick isn't high enough (mine was 101 before, so not exactly "low")? Because not only can you not make an enchanted item on that map, you also can't equip one you already have, because of nearby monsters that you can't kill while you're stuck in there.

    I would recommend putting in a sign to warn players or maybe make some other way to get out of that gate.

  • I can do that in an update, thanks.
  • Or something quirky like a switch hidden in the fountain! I always love it when I find something hidden in a surprise location, like a painting or a candle ;)

  • Will figure something out. Thanks. : )

  • Update sent to Elendil.

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