I enchanted this awesome blade, but it's working weirdly

I enchanted Zaxon's Awesome Blade with Drain Health, Drain Mana and +573 Light Weapon.

I'm now hitting for 36,671-50,782.

But it takes two strikes. The first strike appears to heal the monster, then the second kills it in one blow. I've tried this with several different monsters.

Whereas Cat's Talwar, which I was using before for 24,033-30,840, just kills most things with a single blow.

Here's a video to demonstrate:


  • Yeah, I have that issue with all super strong weapons. Will wait for Cat to answer. I encounter it with Ranged.

  • The stats are wrapping around. Stats weren't meant to be so high. I think your problem is the super high Light Weapon enchantment.

  • I figured it might be!

    What's the max permissible?

  • edited March 9

    I don't know. You can write elendil@redshift.hu. He might need a save file.

    Not sure if he knows either because really high levels haven't been tested. I asked him about players at levels over 100 and he said levels over 100 have not been tested.

    But I asked him long ago about weapons enchanted with Drain Health and Drain Mana not being as effective with high level monsters and he said it's because of a wraparound.

    All I know is that stats if they're too high level wrap around so you are in the minus areas.

  • Thanks, I'll do that!

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