Ebb and Flow Gem Shop Location/Real Location in the Underwater Location?

I bought the Flow Gem since I couldn't find it in the Underwater area where the brothers are. I beleive there is another antiques shop near a watery area that also sells both. Can anyone help me find where that is? If I were to play with another character and do it legitimately, I cannot find the cracks on where the gems actually are.

Any help is appreciated.


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    Fiona the Jeweler sells it but you might have to camp out before it shows up in her inventory.

    Here is where the gems actually are:

  • Hey I'm having trouble finding the drifting key. Could you point me in its direction please?

  • I literally found it about ten seconds after posting. For posterity it's north of that locked door in mid.

  • Gyffes' Law: Post and ye shall find. : )

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