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So I’m playing HD version and I’ve made it to the forgotten grotto. Problem i have is that even though I have done innkeeper’s quest and have given him the amulet, the shops remain closed and I can’t seem to get him to talk to me so I can pay to open the door to the submarine. My only option with him is to ask for a drink. I have found all the keys in this area. I’m totally stuck. Has anyone else had this issue or am I missing something?


  • Did you talk to Ertai the innkeeper and pay him 700,000 gold?

  • When I talk to him I don’t have the option to pay him any gold. He only offers me drinks. I’ve completed his quest for the amulet and he said he would open shops but they’re still closed and I can’t get into submarine.

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    About the door: My bad. I forgot that the HD version is different from the Classic version. To open the submarine door, you have to do the quest for N'raat the Thief there.

    About the shops: Argimon set up this dungeon. If you solved his quest and he took the amulet, he asks you, "Revenge will be mine. First I need to find my wife. Then .. (For the first time you see the innkeeper's eyes. You don't like what you see. Somewhere in your head you have a feeling, that the best thing you could do right now is leave the Inn.)"

    If you are brave enough to stay, he sets a global that opens the shops.
    If you leave, he doesn't.

    I can't say I agree with Argimon that that's fair so I have to think about whether to change this or not. The thing is, if I change one thing it might affect another.

    Let me look at this and see what I can do.

  • Interesting because I have both stayed and left but on neither occasion has he opened the shops. Never mind I’ll try the thief quest and hopefully get in. I really want to tackle the dungeon because from memory I remember it being really tough so I can forgive Argimon. I know it will take me a while to get through so I’m happy to have found a way in :)

  • I also gave Ertai the amulet and ‘stayed’ throughout all the prompts but still can’t get into the shops. :(

    It seems I don’t have enough lockpick skill to do the thief’s mission either- it’s only 141, and I saw someone with 200 lockpick skill can’t do it so I don’t think I’m going to be finishing the expansion any time soon :(
  • Let me take a look at these and see what I can do.
  • I think your problem is that you haven't done the Blacksmith's quest because he's the one who sets the global that allows you to enter the gate.

    About the stores, when Ertai sets a global, when you stay, the shops should be open. However, if you have a lot of expansions enabled, the Quest engine can get confused and not find the correct number for that global. I think the best thing is if I find a spot there that you can step on or tap and the correct global will be set and the shops open.

    But I want to wait a bit to see if there are any other problems.

    You don't need lockpick skill to enter Sisay's basement, you need a Lockpick from the base game and the quest. Once inside Sisay's basement, you only need 100 lockpick to get through a gate.

  • I picked up thief’s quest and found I couldn’t get through door. Kept telling me I need higher lock pick skills and a quest to get in. I enchanted my gear to over 400 lock pick and I got in. Shops are still closed though - I do have all expansions up this enabled which might be a factor.

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    Still having trouble breaking into the blacksmiths... this is what I have, should I be able to break in?
  • It's a Lockpick from the Base Game. Vic sells it but you might have to camp out at his shop.

    It looks like this.

  • I'm going to do an update so that the shops are always open.

    Also in that update, there will be a Lockpick on Sisay's window.

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    And, in that update, you will have the option of an alternative way of getting the submarine door open by talking to Ertai about the submarine. It should work. Didn't mention it in the update description but it's there. So if you don't want to try lockpicking your way into Sisay's basement, you don't have to.

    The lockpicking came about because somewhere here wanted more use of his lockpick.

  • Thanks Cat that really helpful. It can be frustrating not being able to get into one of the best dungeons. We appreciate your support.

  • Always glad to help. : ) ^^

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