Help with fever cure

I'm having issues finding the cure.
I believe I have everything except for the fools flower, which I have no idea where it is or if it's just a joke or not.
And I went to the child and got the moldy mildew using a meat but I cant see it in my inventory after talking to the child.
I talk to the Orc and he says I'm missing ingredients.
Please help, I'd just ignore it and explore if the sickness wasnt so annoying.

Found the forest fool. Guess I really was the fool.
Still unsure about the moldy mildew thing


  • Muddy Pond Mildew looks like rotten meat. It' can't be used or sold .

    The Orc wants:
    The Muddy Pond Mildew
    Angel's Delight
    Bumble bee berry and
    Forest Fool

  • I have all if those, but am not seeing the mildew in my inventory and he isn't accepting it

  • An object that you can't use won't show up in your inventory. Sleep in an inn 21 sleeps and go back and let me know what happens. No one else has had a problem with this.

  • I confirmed I had the other ingredients, and slept 21 nights. Talked to the kid again and still talking about catching frogs and I'm weird for collecting mold. Then talk to orc says I'm missing ingredients.

  • I'll make it sellable. Just hang on.

  • Dwarf Karlik will sell it if you're playing the HD version. It is edible now so be careful once you buy it. It's not cheap.

  • Bumble bee berry? Hops field?

  • Far eastern part of Hops Field.

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