Bring news quest...

I saw the ending, but I need to find princess and prince...
I spent several hours, but I could not find any clue... Is there any walkthrough for this quest?
Or please give me any clue that I can start with...

Thank you


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    "For Tzarina Snezhana in the Hospital, Fortress of Zlatograd, bring her news of her son, daughter and daughter-in-law and some sign they're still alive."

    You need to bring her a letter from Princess Vasilisa and her son's ring.

  • I mean, could you please tell me where I can start it? There is no clue :(
  • Talk to Tzarina Snezhana in the Hospital, Fortress of Zlatograd. She gives you the quest.

  • Yes I received the quest and I dont know how to process :( sorry for my English
  • No problem with your English. You have to find Ivan's ring and a pigeon mail letter from Princess Vasilisa. People have solved this quest but it's a long time ago and I don't right now remember where you get those items without playing the game again myself. And I'm a bit busy right now. However, I will go back and look.

    I don't think either the princess or Ivan are in the game. You need to find the objects by exploring.

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