I need help finding Audra. I don't know where in the keep she is.


  • She’s in Lord Gorum's Keep, Grim's Well. You need the Blue key to get to Audra. You need Lord Gorum’s key to get that key you need to work for him.

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    I have the blue key. And he says she's safely in her room it's been a while since I've played so I dont remember what I did and I dont have his key
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    Audra is upstairs. Lord Gorum told you the key to her room is on the shelf there. That's the blue key. The door to upstairs is to the right (east) of Lord Gorum's door. You'll see a gate when you get upstairs, that leads to Audra. You need to use the Blue Key on that gate.

  • "It's locked and no one comes to the door" so I guess I had talked to her already? I'm trying to finish the love token quest I have it in my inventory
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    If her door is locked, she gave you a love token, Audra's Token. Bring it back to Falki.

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