Unlock etc

I have a grievance... I am level 131 lockpick, have the unlock spell, the strong unlock wand...
Buy they mostly are of no use... So are the warded keys etc


  • Can't think of everything. : ) If the betatesters don't complain or anyone else doesn't complain, I don't know. In HOLV, you can use more lockpick. More gates are pickable. And there are some windows and doors you can lockpick or use a skeleton key for. I will keep that in mind more for Asteroids I and a new expansion that should come after that.

  • Thanks!!!!
  • You're welcome. Just keep reminding me. Starting to work on Asteroids I now. : )

  • Good to know, love the game,got me throught months in the hospital
  • I hope you've mended now from whatever landed you in the hospital. I'm sorry to hear of that.

  • thanks, not yet but working on it !

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