Under the Lake

Am currently in here and have so far found the blue watery key, red and yellow one. I have attached a image to show where it is i am standing that is the hole i cannot get pass atm

Thanks in advance for the help as always


  • If you cut the map in half, up north, the levers to the east set the holes there hidden. The first lever to your east closes hole 1, the second lever closes hole 2, and the third one closed that hole you face. The levers to the west as you stand there in the middle of the north make all those holes visible which is not what you want. : )

  • I closed the first 3 holes on the east set but on the picture i attached the hole i am facing that one still has not been closed i dont know if am missing anything here?
  • Just the lever I mentioned.

  • Yeah the third lever on the east side when i go to close it i check my map but that hole in the picture am standing at still is open?
  • It may be that the fourth lever closes that. Is the fourth lever in the east turned down? You need a key for that. It's a little bit hard for me to tell from that pic whether it's the third or fourth lever but if the third doesn't work, it has to be the fourth.

  • Yeah the fourth lever i dont have the key too i’ve loooked everywhere but cant seem to find it
  • Check the lion faced reliefs just before the hole. One should have the key. : )

  • It was the fourth key that closed it much appreciated Cat!
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