Forgotto Grotto location

Hello :)

Please can someone remind me where to go after turning in the 7 feathers quest to get to the Forgotto Grotto?



  • You can get there from Spur of Sailors' Skulls in the west.

    By the way, testers are finding the submarine very difficult so it will be a bit different in the HD version, coming soon.

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    Thanks Cat! Can I ask if it has anything to do with Joe's Reef or is that a separate dungeon entirely?

    Looking forward to the HD version, I haven't quite got on to those yet.

    EDIT: I've found a door that is behind some skulls, is this the entrance? I can't seem to get past the skulls :(

  • Found how to get in :) thanks for the help Cat!

  • Just (hopefully) one more thing I'm stuck on. Do you know where I can get the Immortal blade to cut down those green barriers in the submarine cockpit?

  • Sorry for the multiple posts but I don't seem to be able to edit old messages anymore! All done with the submarine. Just missing Mayor Flah's vote then I'm finished with this expansion

  • You get that blade from GoldenGhost in the Faculty Building.

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  • @Wobbieadam said:
    Found how to get in :) thanks for the help Cat!

    Would you like to mention "how" you got past the skulls ?

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    There is a secret switch. : ) Not far from skulls.

  • Thank you :-)

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