Why are expansions: Elemental Asteroids, Escape fm Asteroids, and others not available on Steam ?

Hello Cat, i believe i have done all of the Zarista quest expansions, (excluding Basilisk Eye, which i am doing presently). Why are the expansions: Elemental Asteroids, Escape from Asteroids, Attack from Asteroids, Mithril Horde I, Cursed Chess Set, Mithril Horde II, Dragon Jade, and Cursed Stone, not available on Steam, please ? Or alternatively, how can they be obtained by download to a PC ? I see they seem to be " ... available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad". That suggests they are not ok for a PC ... Thanks.


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    Working on getting them ported but it is a lot of work to port them from the Classic version to the HD version. After HOLV, Escape from Asteroids will be next. Then one by one will work on the others. The HD version is a lot different from the Classic version. I can't just press a button to port them. Hundreds of things have to be checked. All the graphics that we put in the Classic version have to be replaced in the HD version, etc, etc. So as soon as possible---working on them one by one.

    Elendil did an update to the old Classic Quest engine for only Ios. He never did that for the old PC version. It was too much work. So we stopped selling the PC expansions and I stopped updating them. We started working only with the Ios version.

  • Thanks for the reply. I will watch for new steam entries then. Love these games...

  • Hello Cat, and players. Anybody care to recommend a few PC based RPGs. In a week or so i will be done with the last Steam available Zarista game. Happy new year.

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    I like Legend of Grimrock. There are two installments. I haven't played the Steam version but I think the Bard's Tale is also nice. I haven't played it but Heroes of the Monkey Tavern also looks good. Wizardry 7 is worth checking out.

  • Thanks again Cat.

  • I've just been playing Legend of Grimrock and it's a beautifully designed game, but frankly IMPOSSIBLE without a full game guide. You can't even see half the things that are supposed to be there without cheating. The Quest puzzles tend to be much more logical/better hinted.

    I also prefer turn-based combat/don't like reflex puzzles, but that's probably because I have slow and clumsy fingers ;)

    I've also just downloaded Moonshades to fill time while I wait for HoL V or whatever is next. So far it looks promising, but like Grimrock it's sadly an action RPG.

  • Thanks Istara, will look into Moonshades.

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