Banshee in Otherworld says I'm not ready,

Not sure what to do now. Think I finished with the pirates, searching Lydney Sands for Habren, found temple with Rhitta. Finished her quest so now can go to Otherworld. Get to a room with Banshee and Queen Guen. If i talk to Queen, persausion at 100 she attacks me and I kill her. Banshee says I'm not ready yet and teleports me to entrance. Rune stones in banshee room say rebirth too painful and teleports me to start of Otherworld. Do I need to be higher level? Currently lv 26.


  • She just means you're not ready to die. You can't do any more there. Did you finish the main missions? Check,the little Walkthrough that's in the game. Get your reward from Habren in her castle and Old Shaman in Biardroom of the Gods if you awakened Habren.

  • Don't feel bad. I spun my wheels on exactly the same thing, wondering what I was doing wrong. LOL

    Once you kill Guen, you need to find Habren and wake her up. That is pretty much the end of that one.

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