Find the lost passage

Can't find the lost passage, unless rat tunnels are them? Nothing down there but a kid named Muck who only says he kills rats. Been hitting walls and poking cracks for hours? Any help?


  • NM, went and rechecked all the cracks, found the directions. Then I spent an hour trying to figure out the directions. Turns out I just had to take them to Brian and he gave me gold. Just a comment, I find it weird the quest is called find the lost passage when u don't find a passage, just a note in a crack.

    One last comment, was that note always in the crack or was the quest setup so crack was empty until I got the quest?

  • That note was not on the crack until you got the quest. It was called Find the Lost Passage because that is an old part of the fortress that Brian forgot about. :smile: I think originally it was a lot harder to get into but I may have had to change it to open with a lever for someone with a mobile phone glitch.

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  • I found the note but don’t get a response from Brian, What am I missing?

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    I think u need to find the treasure the note refers to. It's in the garden section of the fortress. Have to tap a rock. Then talk to Brian.
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    That should do it. :) Thanks!

  • Yep, that did it! Thanks, now on to HOL!

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    Do you find the directions in the rat tunnels? Walked around that area for like an hour last night tapping every crack.

  • You mean the instructions on how to find the treasure? No it's on a crack in the wall in the far northeast of Fortress of Brugh. Celtic Rift goes back to the time that we did not always change the color of a wall that held something--primarily because I used to love staying up all night tapping walls in Legacy. : )

    Here's a map of where the crack is.

  • Thank you very much Cat!
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