How do I kill Bakesura Demon

This creature is located in the Jhambu Village region (and maybe others). Whether I use a ranged weapon or melee weapon, he eats some food and heals himself after a few hits. At first, the dialogue box said he was stealing my meat, so I dropped all my meat, but it didn't make a difference. He still says "Glug, Glug Good Food" and heals himself, whether I have meat in my inventory or not. What can I do?


  • Use the spell Fireball.

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    Thank you. Same question for Spitter in Great Salt Marsh. I hit it a few times, and then it restores its health.

  • Water Balloon. : )

  • Guys, nothing personal, but I'm sure that such things are bit worth of trying. Is obvious that such creatures require some special spell or weapon if cannot be killed normal way. Why not to try spells one by one from list of your wands and find out? Also if you'd knock on some doors in that area, you would get a hint from dialogues. Do not give up so soon before asking..:-)

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