How to get Parchment in Basilisk's Tower? Its Blocked. Also I am lost on the Metal Golem's Quest.

Any help would be appreciated. Less than 5 quests left until I am finished. :)


  • The Box of Parchments is on a shelf in the far north of the Basilisk's Tower behind a red wall of force hidden behind a gray column. If you have the quest, hit the column to remove it but you need Strength greater than 99. If you have the quest, just hit the wall of force to remove it.

    For the Metal Golem quest, you need to find their lair and kill them with the staff the East Wind gives you-the Metal Golem Grinder.

    You get to their lair -- the Golem's Nest -- from the Basilisk's Tower.

  • The Barrier to the Parchment is Purple. Will a enchanted bow with 120+ strength work or does it need to be a melee attack? Thanks, Cat. Will try later on tonight.

  • To confirm, all Magical Barriers I've encountered actually need a MELEE Hit to get rid of them. I did not need 99 Strength though for Magical Barrier's within the Basilisk's Tower. The one in the Fire Jinn, I did need 99 Strength. I still need help getting to the Golem's Nest, Cat. The only quest I have left before expansion is complete. I will try again.

  • I was only playing a Ranged only character.

  • It is purple. Just hit it with any weapon if you have the parchment quest.

    Are you still having trouble getting to the Golem's Nest? You have to hide the wall with the white dot in the pic above. There's a lever there to hide it.

  • Is it the Yellow Lever behind the Red Column? I will look again. Its the only quest left in the expansion for me.

  • Here is my current Map. I've hit all colored levers I've seen so far, except the Yellow One, I hit it with all my weapons.

  • Yes. That's the lever. The secret switch to remove it is very near to that lever. Let me know if you need a pic.

  • I finished all of the Quest for the expansions, Cat. I am just finishing up the switch thing in the Earth Jinn's dungeon then it'll be 100% complete. I appreciate the help. :smile:

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