Cloud Giants

Whoosh cannot hear me. My mind magic is 250 and persuasion is 270. What else do I need?


  • You need the Knuckle Cream quest for Whoosh to say anything more. Otherwise, if you completed that, he just has a little bit of trouble hearing you because you are so small and you can't get much more out of him. Same for the High Flying Giant--you need the Crumbs of Advice quest or he doesn't say much.

  • Interesting enough, but Whoosh wouldn’t give me the “cure knuckles” quest until I bought the Knuckle Cream and had it with me ....
    Must be something wrong.

  • That must be some kind of glitch as it's coded correctly. I just tested it and I didn't have any knuckle cream and I got the quest. I just needed Persuade 200 and Mind Magic 85.

  • I completed the game and only have the Cloud Giants quest left. I completed the Knuckle cream quest. It bums me out that I can’t clear this quest. With persuasion at 270 and mind magic at 250, it seems that this giant should hear me. Is there anything I can do to get bigger or louder?

  • When you give him the knuckle cream, he solves the quest. Did he take the knuckle cream? There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with this and I think other people have solved it.

  • Yes, I think the problem is that it just didn’t get checked off in the active quest list. When I go back to the farmer, he doesn’t reiterate the quest. I do want to thank you and everyone involved in giving us this’s been very enjoyable.

  • Thank you. I wish I could help with this but sometimes glitches happen and I've run into problems getting Phredd to solve things. Whoosh does clear the quest if you talk to him with the knuckle cream in your inventory.

    Let me see if I can do something in HOLV that would help you.

  • Which quest can't you check off--Knuckle Cream quest for Whoosh or Umar the Farmer's quest? Just want to clarify. Umar checks that you gave the knuckle cream to Whoosh.

  • Umar the Farmer’s quest is not checked off. Knuckle Cream quest was checked off.

  • OK. It does seem like a glitch but in HOLV, someone will be able to help you. Her name will be Evangeline. : ) A conjuress who can remove annoying quest hangovers.

  • Same here, can check off the quest cloud giants. I’ve got the knuckle cream in back pack. It might be a good idea to have the option to delete any unfinished or unwanted quests....

  • Elendil doesn't really have the time to do that right now. It would be a great option.

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