Blue lady

How do I kill these annoying as hell women?


  • Hi, Bhiffy. You need to use the spell Drool! : )

  • In my case, this spell was effective only on the first witch. The rest were affected by it not more than by any other offensive spell. It took a while to kill them all.

  • Similarly, I don't even recall the spell working on the first Blue Lady. It took dozens and dozens of hits to gradually wear down just one of them, and even increasing my Attack Magic to 400+ made no difference to the strength of my attacks.

    Eventually after killing about three of them I didn't bother with the rest.

  • Will take that into consideration in future expansions where that script is used. It's good to have some magic users hard though. Magic is difficult to beef up in monsters in the expansions.

  • Yes I do like a bit of a challenge! These ladies were just a bit too hardcore for me ;)

    However I like the fact that they can actually kill me.

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