I killed the basilisk?

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This might be a glitch: I reached the basilisk in his/its tower, interacted with him a few times, he sent his minions on me.

He's still there, friendly (green text) and when I talk to him, he "attacks" ( your health is 5).

Still, after talking to Fershid and a few other characters, they tell me I killed the basilisk, I get the end credits and everyone is happy about me being the great hero.

But the basilisk is still there, alive. Any ideas how that could have happened? I did have the chalice, so that's fine, but I didn't do anything with it



  • This sounds like a glitch. When you approach the Basilisk with the chalice, what happens is described in dialogue. He explodes and his two,winged eyes appear. If you kill them, you've killed the Basilisk. This worked perfectly testing on Steam. We can't test on mobile where such a glitch might happen. Fershid and others check,whether you killed the two eyes.

  • Thanks, I'm playing on Android.

    There were a few evil eyes, so that might have been that and he just didn't explode, but I don't think we were at that point in the dialogue. I'll see whether I have a save slot from before it happened.

    I don't mind since it didn't take anything away from the experience and thanks for a great game.
  • You're welcome. If you get a chance to try an older save file, let me know how it goes.

  • I may have discovered something to help explain this. I had the same experience, but only after having successfully killed the Basilisk, but then having to replay the sequence due to a crash. After some trial and error replaying the Lair sequence multiple times, I found that if I followed the Basilisk down the hallway, following his prompts, he dies as expected when the chalice dialogue is triggered following our final interaction where he releases the eyes, seers, and clones, and advances me forward on the central hallway to the spot directly between the two shelves in the surrounding room.
    Alternatively, if I stray from the hallway into the surrounding room prior to speaking with the Basilisk for the final time (where I use the chalice and he dies), and if I step on that same spot midway between the two shelves, the chalice dialogue is triggered despite my not standing in front of the Basilisk, nor having yet spoken to him for the final time. In this case, the seers, clones, and eyes are still released, but the Basilisk remains alive as I was not facing him when using the chalice.
    Any attempt to interact with him thereafter only yields an attack where he depletes HP to 5, paralyzes, and sends me back to the beginning of the hallway. From what I can tell, there is no way to kill him in this scenario.
    Hope this sheds some light on what may be happening.
    As it may help to know, I'm playing on Android.

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    I see the possibilities. But the code on the Basilisk if you talk to him should draw you further up until you can use the chalice. Have to think about whether to change this as it could affect a lot of players' memory files so that they may have problems. Thanks for tracing that. I will see what I can do.

  • No problem, Cat. Just to clarify, when you interact with the Basilisk for the last time, he declares his attack, then moves you up the central hallway to the space between the two shelves which seems to be what triggers using the chalice. All works perfectly as you describe it should unless you walk onto that same spot without yet having talked to him that final time where he sends you to that spot.himself.
    If you do decide you want to ensure the Basilisk dies when the chalice is used, perhaps we could just be denied access to that spot in the room before he dies, or (if it's an easy coding tweak - I'm clueless on this) maybe using the chalice could be triggered from within the dialogue itself as opposed to being triggered by reaching that physical spot in the room (if I've even deduced that correctly).
    As for the way you've designed the final sequence with the Basilisk moving us up the hallway, I think it's brilliant btw. Imaginative, unique, and enjoyable to play!

  • Thank you. I have to do the end through dialogue on a square so not sure right now how best to do this but you've been very helpful. I wish you had been a betatester. : ) Will think about it and wait for awhile so as not to disturb the end for anyone playing now.

  • Very glad to know the information was helpful to you, Cat. It was fun, and I learned something to boot. Thanks for the betatester comment; I take that as a high compliment :)

  • Same on the iPad Cat

  • Hallo, everyone. I have the same problem. But when I go back to Fershid says that the quest kill the basilisk is solved..

  • If you kill the eyes, you've killed the Basilisk.

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