Mining gold

I have both the quest and the miner's axe, when I entered the chevron caves I can't mine the gold though, attacked and tapped on the gold walls but nothing happened, is there some other way I can get the gold ?


  • Equip the Miner's Axe and then go to town. You have to equip it and use it as a weapon. If you've already mined all the gold, there's a gold nugget on the ground near the wooden floor that will respawn if you sleep in an inn for 7 days and 7 nights. Of course, all the respawnable monsters you killed will also respawn.

  • Thanks alot! I thought I had to mine the gold from the golden walls :D

  • Bug? I hit the button over and over and it didn't work, but then did when i hit it with an axe.

  • edited April 2020
    It's coded to work only when you hit it.
  • In the base game, when you see a secret switch you might just want to tap it but in our expansions, you may need to hit it or use a spell or something else for a switch to work. In this case, you just have to hit it. It doesn't matter what weapon you hit it with.

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