High-Flying Genies Room - Basilisk’s Eye

Anyone got a map of the steps to take to reach the shelf with the key to Queen Kidul’s Library
I’m quite literally going round in circles all leading back to the entrance on this one. All help appreciated.


  • The key to the library isn't in the High-Flying Genies room but one genie there will transport you to an area near where you can find the library. When you're transported, mark that area so you can go back easily.

    The Iron Key you need for the library is on a candle in the hallway in her palace, first floor. Enter her palace and check the candles on the west wall.

  • Now--for how to get to the Genie who can transport you----enter the High Flying Genie's room--and follow this path--

    The Genies with the red dots will teleport you. Tap first red dot guy, then turn around and tap second red dot guy then walk to the guy who will take you to the library. The last Genie in the northeast will take you to the library area.

  • I've made it to the library without issue but have yet to figure out how to reach the shelf. Is there any means of doing so?
    Also, a random question... When jabul the Genie provides us an option of how to proceed, ie to the island, to the magic lamp, or to receive sack of gold, we choose one then don't have the option to choose again. Will the unchosen options become available again later in the game? For example, is there another way to the island elsewhere (I ultimately chose the Genie route).
    Thank you!

  • You can't reach that shelf. One wish and only one wish! : ) You can save before you choose so you can have each experience. There's no other way to get to the island.

  • Thank you for the clarifications, Cat! Much appreciated!

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