Reanimator's Swamp Lair

Hi everyone,
There is one gate I'm unable to open in the Reanimator's Swamp Lair and I'm uncertain as to whether I'm not yet supposed to be able to open it, or if I'm missing something. Before relocating after solving his series of quests, the Reanimator opens three of the four gates in the room, each providing access to the creature he has requested skulls from. Once all interaction with the Reanimator has concluded, one gate with humanoids behind it remains closed with the dialouge that I see no means of opening the gate. Am I meant to gain access at this time, and if so, any hint on what I'm missing would be most appreciated. Thank you!
Another fantastic expansion by the way... A huge thank you to the entire team who keep bringing us this incredible game!


  • You're welcome! You get into that room from another area. You get in there from a ladder in the Mideast of the Reanimator's Swampt. That's the only way to get in there.

  • been roaming the map thrice already : where is it ???

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    The ladder is here. You won't be able to open the door when you go up. You'll need to go back down and then use one of the teleporters in the Swamp Lair to get back.

  • Cannot find reanimator. The wizard in the middle area does not respond and the two marked areas in the picture I can't unlock. Any suggestions?
  • The north door is opened by the Lab Key. The east door is opened by the skeketon there in the middle if you have the Undead Robes. If you need further help, come back.

  • Where do you find the lab key? I've searched the area in the picture I posted and didn't come across it.
  • You get it from Death's Despiser in the room the Skeleton in the middle opens.

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    Thanks again Cat. 🙂
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    Does anyone sell the undead robes? I may have sold these.
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    I will do an update. Hang on. Becanna will sell it.

  • Thanks Cat. 🙂
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